20 May 2019

12/2019: Board, BBC-BUSA framework and Nedlac Review

Dear Members and Colleagues

Please note the following matters for your information and attention.

1. BUSA Board Appointments

A warm welcome to Maurice Radebe of Sasol, who replaces Maria Ramos on the BUSA Board, and Ayanda Mngadi, of the Manufacturing Circle who takes over as an alternate board member. These appointments follow a nomination and voting process by the Corporate Category.

2. Draft BBC-BUSA Cooperation Framework

As reported previously, a 4-aside team has been engaging in this regard and a cooperation framework agreement has been drafted under the broad objective of “Working towards a unified voice of business to deliver inclusive growth and socio-economic transformation” with a focus on the following areas:
• The National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) participation;
• Collaborative platforms;
• Key economic focus areas; and
• Other areas of mutual interest.

In the text, BUSA is recognized as the apex organisation, and BBC as the over-arching confederation representing black professionals, business associations and chambers.

The text further agrees to a code of conduct; a communication and reporting protocol; collaboration platforms (BBC Black Business Summit; Business Economic Indaba; Investment Summit and Business forums) and areas of collaboration, including:
• NEDLAC and all its structures;
• Overall NEDLAC participation including the International Labour Organisation (ILO);
• And other engagements and forums resulting from the NEDLAC process.

Key economic focus areas under the text include:
1. B-BBEE and Socio-Economic Transformation
2. SME Development
3. Infrastructure Development
4. 4IR

The framework will be implemented through the 4-aside Steering Committee with a working group on each of the four economic focus areas.

Any member wishing to see a copy of the full draft document may obtain same from Nomaza.Spelman@busa.org.za . Any feedback can be sent to Tanya.Cohen@busa.org.za by no later than Friday, 24 May 2019.

3. NEDLAC Review

As we move into the sixth administration, the role of Nedlac in influencing policy and to facilitate compacting, is pivotal. Members of policy committees and the Board have correctly raised concerns as to whether Nedlac is appropriately structured and capacitated to perform its intended role. In this regard, there are a number of processes underway including:
• Meeting with the acting executive management at Nedlac to address immediate concerns
• Actively driving strategic processes within Nedlac e.g. on energy and finance
• Participating in the Nedlac governance task team that is looking at the principles and governance documents with a view to identifying areas that may require legislative or constitutional amendment.
• Raising our concerns within Government, labour and community constituencies.

In order to ensure that we appropriately reflect the views of members, we will be establishing a small Nedlac working group. BUSA members, particularly those already engaged in Nedlac, that would like to be more involved and give input in this regard are requested to notify Nomaza.Spelman@busa.org.za by Wednesday, 22 May 2019.

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