10 June 2019

15/2019 My departure as BUSA CEO

Dear Members and Colleagues


I wish to let you know that I have stepped down as BUSA CEO. With the sixth administration now in place, having achieved most of what I set out to do when taking on the role, and a few months short of my contract coming to an end, it was an opportune time for me to move on.


I wish to thank you for the confidence you have placed in me to serve in this role. Your input and support and, in many instances, friendship carried me through the rough parts. This was especially the case when it comes to those of you who spent long hours with me in Nedlac. Together, we worked on the National Minimum Wage and Labour Relations Stability negotiations; and the Jobs Summit and Presidential Health Summit processes, as well as on the development of many policy positions on behalf of business. It was enriching and fulfilling to be part of historic processes that are meant to bring about meaningful change for the country. I will also fondly remember the incredible support from Members at the inaugural Business Economic Indaba at the start of the year.


Running a business member organisation, as many of you know, has its challenges, but some things are certain – circumstances are constantly changing, things are always interesting, and it is the individuals that you connect with along the way that carry you through.


Being the BUSA CEO has been a truly remarkable experience. I have learned so much, engaged with so many diverse and talented people and am so much richer for it. It has been an honor to serve BUSA during this juncture in our country’s history. I hope that the organisation will continue to prosper as the apex business organisation, along with its members, and that this is reflected in the SA economy going forward.


To the BUSA team, thank you for your dedication to the organisation through your tireless daily efforts and for meeting the increasing demands. You have all made me proud and I wish you well in this next chapter. It was a pleasure working with all of you, most times pushing through near impossible deadlines, but your collective dedication and passion carried us all through.


The Board will take over the reins and identify a new CEO, and steer BUSA from here. In the meantime Cas Coovadia will serve as a point of contact.


Fond regards and well wishes



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