4 July 2024


In partnership with the Alliance for Just Deliberation on Solar Geoengineering (DSG), we are pleased to invite you to participate in a series of virtual workshops focusing on the critical issues surrounding the growing conversation around Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) from an African perspective.

SRM refers to deliberate, large-scale interventions in the global climate system to increase the amount of sunlight reflected away from the planet to reduce global temperatures. While the potential impacts on temperature are clear, global, regional, and local impacts on precipitation, agriculture, geopolitics, socioeconomic security, and multiple other facets remain uncertain. As momentum in this field is growing, these workshops aim to increase understanding and facilitate informed discussions on SRM, especially among African nations, where its impacts, if implemented, would be most significantly felt.

These workshops are not advocacy-oriented but are part of our broader effort to enhance the capacity and knowledge of African stakeholders in the field of SRM in an unbiased way, ensuring that their voices are heard in global research and governance discussions. By participating, you will have the opportunity to engage with experts offering various views on these climate intervention techniques and learn how and where to contribute towards building African narratives on SRM.

This workshop series will be followed by a third in-person and invite-only workshop in Cape Town in October 2024 (date to be determined). This will focus on co-creating South African stakeholders’ perspectives on SRM. Participation in the virtual workshops will provide a critical baseline to inform invitations for the in-person workshop. You will find additional details in the concept note.

To confirm your participation, please RSVP before 15 July 2024. We will provide the link to join the virtual meeting rooms and a set of pre-reading materials one week prior to each workshop.

Workshop 1: Science Basics of Climate Change and SRM

Workshop 2: State of SRM Governance and Future Frameworks


We look forward to your participation and valuable contributions to these important discussions.

Shuchi Talati | Executive Director
Alliance for Just Deliberation on Solar Geoengineering

Saliem Fakir | Executive Director
The African Climate Foundation

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