14 December 2022

BUSA on André de Ruyter resignation as Eskom chief executive

The resignation of Andre De Ruyter is a major blow for Eskom and the efforts to address the energy crisis we are facing on an ongoing basis. While this is a blow, it is hardly surprising, given the irresponsible comments by some in govt and some other sectors. The Eskom Board must act with urgency to announce a replacement, even if on a temporary basis. The replacement must have the skills and capability to continue all efforts to reduce loadshedding, Accelerate the Eskom restructure, tackle ongoing corruption and sabotage and work with business to diversify the energy generation and distribution environment, with the focus on cleaner energy.


Business remains committed to working with govt in this single biggest crisis, in the midst of a series of crises. We also urge President Ramaphosa to rise above the issues in the ANC and lead the country in urgently responding to this crisis. This exacerbates an already critical situation.


Finally, we commend Andre for the valiant efforts he has undertaken under unbearable conditions, in the national interest. We wish him all the best.




Cas Coovadia

Business Unity SA CEO


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Sizwe Maswanganye

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