10 April 2019

Joint Black Business Council & Business Unity South Africa statement on recent meeting

  • State of the economy
  • Areas of mutual interest
  • Common platform for business to engage


The Black Business Council (BBC) and Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) held an eight-a-side exploratory meeting on Thursday 4 April 2019, at which both organisations discussed issues critical to business.


The two organisations agreed on the need for a common platform for a business voice and have thus appointed a committee (four from each organisation) to explore the modalities of how that can be achieved.


The BBC and BUSA are equally concerned about the precarious state of the economy and will seek to work in a more aligned manner in engaging the government on the best way to navigate the country out of its current challenges.


Furthermore, both organisations are equally concerned about the slow progress in transforming the economy to realise the meaningful participation of black people and small business therein. Both organisations are in agreement that transformation is a critical enabler of economic growth in the country.


There was also common recognition of the negative impact of corruption and state capture on the economy and the functioning of the state. The BBC and BUSA are worried that this may have eroded public trust in both business and the government. The organisations will seek to play an active part in the search for a solution.


Both organisations are committed to rebuilding public trust by encouraging ethical conduct and leadership in business and society in general.


The organisations will be taking the issues raised at the meeting back to their membership with a view to obtaining input and mandate thereon, including crafting a way forward.




About the BBC


The Black Business Council (BBC) is the overarching confederation that represents black professional, business associations and chambers. The primary purpose of the BBC is to lobby government on policy related matters and to play an advocacy role where policies are in place in order to accelerate the participation of black business in the mainstream economy.


About BUSA


Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) is the principal representative of business in South Africa. It is a confederation of unisectoral business organisations; corporate representative organisations; chambers of commerce & industry; and professional organisations. BUSA serves as an overarching structure representing business on cross-cutting issues relating to the economy, social policy, trade, the environment and transformation in national and international structures and bodies and is the representative of business at Nedlac.


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