14 May 2024

Statement by BUSA on President’s announcement to sign NHI into law

Johannesburg, 13 May 2024 – BUSA is deeply concerned by the announcement that President Ramaphosa will sign the NHI Bill into law on Wednesday 15 May 2024, given its many substantive and procedural constitutional flaws. BUSA believes that the legislation, in its current form, is unimplementable and damaging to the country’s healthcare sector, to the economy more broadly and to investor confidence.

Cas Coovadia, CEO of BUSA says: “We fully support the objective of universal health coverage, however, the NHI Bill in its current form is unworkable, unaffordable, and not in line with the Constitution. What is especially troubling is that the President is proceeding with the Bill despite extensive constructive inputs made by a wide range of stakeholders, including doctors and healthcare professionals, civil society, public sector unions, academics and business.

“The unfortunate consequence is that this version will hamper, rather than promote, access to quality healthcare for all citizens in our country.”

“Consequently, we will pay close attention to the President’s announcement on Wednesday, based on which we will consider our options. Our subsequent actions will be guided by our belief that it is essential that we get the NHI right through all means still at our disposal, including appropriate legal interventions, so that the legislation that is finally implemented is in the best interest of our country, and all her people, for generations to come,” concludes Coovadia.


Cas Coovadia
Business Unity SA CEO


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