12 November 2020

BUSA statement on the passing of outgoing AG Kimi Makwetu

Our nation mourns the passing of a gentle and yet unwavering giant in the fight against corruption and maladministration.


Kimi Makwetu’s piercing mind focussed our attention, not only on the symptoms of this scourge, but its foundation and root causes. His consistent and reliable findings offered clear answers to the questions of what it is that needs to be done to restore our nation to good governance and ethical leadership.


To our peril, this sober, steadfast, and scrupulous voice was ignored.


Let his rich litany of annual audit reports be a guiding light to navigate us out of the darkness of corruption.


May his exemplary public service inspire many more to know that serving a nation is the greatest honour and privilege that anyone can ever be afforded. Doing so with dedication, honesty, love, and care, as he did, is best manifestation of patriotism


May his soul rest in eternal peace. Hamba Kahle


Sipho M Pityana


President: Business Unity South Africa

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