5 April 2020

Business Unity SA (BUSA) appoints Cas Coovadia as a new Chief Executive Officer

Business Unity South Africa  is pleased to announce Cas Coovadia as the new Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Cas  has been serving as acting CEO since the stepping down of Tanya Cohen  in July 2019.


Cas retired as Managing Director of The Banking Association SA (BASA) after spending 15 years there. He was instrumental in positioning BASA as one of the leading business organisations in SA and positioning it as a credible voice for the banking industry.


Cas is still active in numerous business organisations and in civic life. He is the Chairperson of the National Business Initiative, on the Council of Wits University, on the board of the Centre for Development and Enterprise, amongst others.


The President of BUSA, Sipho Pityana, said: “Cas comes to BUSA as its CEO after serving many years as an anti-apartheid activist and then representing broader SA business. He brings a wealth of organisational and strategic experience and skills, which are critical for business and the country. Our country faces enormous challenges of pedestrian economic growth, lack of investment and a significant fiscal deficit. These are exacerbated by the Moody’s downgrade of SA into sub-investment grade status, and by the recent Fitch downgrade. Cas also joins BUSA at a time the country is focused on fighting the social, health and economic damage caused by Covid-19. The BUSA Board thanks Cas for delaying his well-earned retirement to continue to contribute to the growth and development of our country.”


Cas started as CEO of BUSA on 1 April 2020.




We would like to wish Cas Coovadia well in his role as the new head of the apex business organisation  in South Africa



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