10 July 2021

Business Unity South Africa on ongoing acts of disorder in KZN

The past two weeks have arguably been the most critical period in our country since we ushered in a democratic order. The ruling by the Constitutional Court on Jacob Zuma’s contempt of court took us to a political T-junction. The upholding of the ruling of the highest court in the land by the High Court demonstrated to credibility of our judicial system and ensured we took the correct turn at the T-junction. The ruling against Ace Magashule in the High Court is also significant in turning the tide against corruption.


The critical issue in these rulings is that the judiciary is standing firm and clearly demonstrating it is impartial and not subject to political pressure. The judiciary has also demonstrated that nobody is above the law, irrespective of any position you may hold in society. This is something all South Africans must be proud of and must recognize as an essential element of our democracy!


It is thus abhorrent that some people claiming to be supporters of Jacob Zuma have taken to the streets and are burning trucks, blocking highways, damaging property, and threatening anarchy. We have no doubt the vast majority of South African’s deplore such actions and will cry: “NOT IN OUR NAME”.


BUSA condemns such actions because, in addition to being lawless and endangering lives, these actions have a devastating impact on an already fragile economy and on investor confidence. It is also irresponsible of these protagonists that they are violating Covid regulations and health protocols in the midst of a severe 3rd wave of the pandemic. These irresponsible and illegal acts must be condemned in the strongest terms. Our economy was in recession pre-Covid and has been severely impacted by the pandemic. All responsible South Africans should be uniting to start rebuilding the economy. These acts of sabotage on people and the economy must be met with the full might of the law, and this must be applied in an unequivocal way!


We note the statement issued by President Ramaphosa condemning these actions and appealing for calm. We support the President in this but urge the President to show decisive leadership in enforcing law and order and addressing the nation to send a clear message that government will not waiver in its duty to protect people and property.



Cas Coovadia

Business Unity SA CEO


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