4 October 2021

Business Unity South Africa’s on SA’s government decision withdraw its nomination for Professor Mthunzi Mdwaba as International Labour Organisation (ILO) Director Genera

BUSA notes with extreme concern the decision by the SA government to withdraw its support for the candidature of Mthunzi Mdwaba as DG of the ILO.


This is a shocking turn of events because the SA government had not only supported Prof Mdwaba’ s candidature but had actively promoted and sponsored it. Based on such sponsorship by the SA Government,  BUSA and the NEDLAC Labour constituency supported the candidature.  Prof Mdwaba has substantial support on the African Continent and has the support of the IOE.


His nomination has already been accepted by the ILO and nominations have closed. His candidature is an excellent opportunity for Africa to have an African in the position of DG of the ILO.


BUSA will continue to support Prof Mdwaba’ s candidature and we urge the SA government to reconsider its position.




Cas Coovadia

Business Unity SA CEO


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Sizwe Maswanganye

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