15 June 2024

Media Release on the Election of the President of the Republic, Speaker, and Deputy Speaker of Parliament

Johannesburg, 15 June 2024 – Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) welcomes the election of Mr Cyril Ramaphosa as President of the Republic of South Africa and head of state. We also welcome the election of Thoko Didiza and Annelie Lotriet as the speaker and deputy speaker of the National Assembly, respectively.

The business community and the rest of South Africa have eagerly awaited these elections, which mark the beginning of the Government of National Unity after the May 2024 elections. The dignified manner in which the election of the President and Presiding Officers was conducted is a testament to the maturity of our democracy.

We are eager to collaborate with President Ramaphosa and his government and await the appointment of Cabinet members. Similarly, as the representative of organised business, we are ready to engage with the National Assembly and its Presiding Officers as they carry out their legislative duties.

As the business community, we firmly believe in the potential of this country and are fully committed to playing our part in its development. We are convinced that through strategic partnerships and targeted interventions, we can make a substantial and positive impact on our nation and foster a sense of hope for all South Africans.


Cas Coovadia

Business Unity SA CEO

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